Thank you President Trump.
Thank you for, in the last 48 hours, showing the world, what a real red blooded American thinks and acts.

Don’t think for a second my text is cynical or mocking you in any sense, what I’m about to write comes from one of your daily watchers, followers. One that takes part of this worldly thing called social media and, by that, sees and reads news.
Your daily doses of tweet rants reached the point of covfefe. If they didn’t have the proper meaning, now they do.
It’s the way a regular joe operates when we, after breaking with his girlfriend, tries to get even with her. He’s drunk, texts his nonsense with auto correct on, the gibberish isn’t processed and then he fells asleep…

(Mr President, we’ve all been there, some of us with boyfriends…)

And then there’s the day after… the ones with a bit of shame or conscious apologize, others hide in the bushes or simple remain silent.
The idiots find escuses.
Your covfefe means exactly what you represent.
(enough said)


And that brings us to today.
After an appalling trip to Europe where you were the laughing stock of the “popular vote” Democracies (pun intended), you went back to revoke the Paris Agreement regarding climatic change.
Yes, I know that you prefer using hair spray instead of thinking, but isn’t it more relevant to change the future than stick to the past?

But maybe you are truly your heritage.
While being half Scottish you search for a way out, while being half German you want to be in. Too bad the Scotts search for a #remain, while the whole World sees climate change as a reality and you as a true blooded American.
So, thank you President Trump.


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