The World seems to be as it as never been before.
The creation of the internet in the middle of the 1990’s with surge of Social Media for the Millennials made us all so gullible that life without smartphones appears to be an impossibility. It’s all miss information, credible threats and conspiracy theories.

Fact or fiction, credibility appears to be the #1 priority in a Society that basically believes in what I previously wrote.

No, internet wasn’t created in the 90’s, it’s origins date back to research commissioned by the United States federal government in the 1960’s to build robust, fault-tolerant communication via computer networks, the ARPANET. Said that, so does the Social Media aspect of things, being that the US Military used their ‘intranet’ long before sites like twitter, facebook or youtube begun in the 2000’s.
Even then with the hippie generation, the yuppies, the so called Boomers, life was as impossible as today. They lived with phones, land lines. The miss information existed, it was more condensed, newspapers getting it wrong, while threats stayed as credible as conspiracies.

The World wasn’t as different as it is today. It’s the the same, with those constantly annoying growing pains that the previous generation forgets to tell the younger one exist.

The topic of the day could be as fresh as a Gladiator being saved in the arena for the number of likes he didn’t get in his Social Media outcome. His savior, the mighty Emperor, wasn’t favorable to him.
Maybe the odds were against him? Maybe it wasn’t his day? Maybe he didn’t deserve to live?
Maybe liberfaciem had to many fake news sites posted about him?
No thumbs up for him: sudden death!


But it isn’t a conspiracy, it’s not a jokable matter, it’s in fact the topic of the day.
The Millennials, the Gen X, more so the Z’s and in the future the Alphas, are so exposed to fake media content, trend conspiracies and the constant denial of what’s suppose to be accurate and true, that the gullibility aspect of it all tends to win.
Texts are composed from what’s on Wikipedia.
Information is what comes up first on Google.
It’s what someone posted on Facebook.
Double checking for what? Gossip is now written for eternity. Exclusion is a click away.

Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, Angry.

We accept rules we never agreed upon. We live life leaving, not living.
But perhaps that is the greatest growing pain of them all, getting old and not realizing that you don’t get any richer, just smarter*.
‘thumbs up!’

*(or) more knowledgeable.

Perhaps, if you’re a daily reader of this site, this particular text isn’t up to par with whats suppose to. Even the ‘smarter’, having an asterisk to an alternative, is so out of reach from the studied versions I usually write.

No, in fact this a text gradually written with those so called growing pains. Even this addendum was added later.
The ‘more knowledgeable’ too. It was something I remembered from a young age.

Maybe not being the smart person I was supposed to be, but having the knowledge to added it, I never forgot the famous story about the Portuguese King, John VI, telling his son that the most important thing in life isn’t getting more knowledgeable, but dumber. Perhaps that’s the smarter I used in my text.
After all, we don’t work, we have jobs.

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